Property appraisals



  • Movable property appraising
  • Immovable property appraising
  • Intangible property appraising
  • Financial property appraising
  • Enterprise appraising


Reasons for appraisals following from the Civil Code, the Law of Business Corporations and the Law on the Transformation of Commercial Companies and Cooperatives

  1. Determination of the non-monetary deposit,
  2. Determination of the distribution share,
  3. Revision of reports on relationships between connected persons,
  4. Revision of the agreement on the transfer and lease of the enterprise,
  5. Appraising of assets,
  6. Revision of the agreement proposal for the merger, distribution of assets or transformation,
  7. Opinion on the price adequacy of the public agreement proposal for the securities purchase,
  8. Revision of the controlling contract and the contract on profit transfer,
  9. Determination of the property value upon its transfer between connected persons
  10. Determination of the financial settlement and distribution of the major shareholder and other shareholders  upon the dissolution of the company, along with the transfer of assets to shareholders, or upon squeezing out small shareholders.


Reasons for other appraisals

  • Judicial proceedings
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Inheritance proceedings
  • Tax proceedings
  • Public auctions
  • Loan security
  • Executions
  • Bankruptcy
  • Liquidation
  • Insurance
  • Appraising of receivables
  • Police investigations